Provo’s Stone Flooring Experts

Provo Flooring Contractors are the premier flooring contractors in Provo, Utah, and the surrounding areas. We have garnered this coveted position by providing outstanding workmanship, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing. Our team of flooring contractors are the best in the business and have years of experience working with the various types of flooring in homes and businesses all over the Provo area.

Provo Flooring Contactors is proud to offer stone flooring installation and repair amongst our many flooring services. Stone flooring is a great flooring choice for your home or business because of the many different stone flooring options that there are to choose from. You have your choice of granite, travertine, marble, flagstone, limestone, slate, and more. With the multitude of benefits and choices, stone flooring is a popular flooring choice in homes and businesses in the Provo area.

Stone Flooring Options

There are many different types of stone flooring options to choose from so you are guaranteed to get the flooring style that you desire. Here are a few of the stone flooring options that we provide:

  • Granite – Very dense, scratch-resistant, and occurs naturally in hundreds of varieties of colors and shading.
  • Travertine – Soft and porous with the density of marble, it is textured rather than smooth.
  • Marble – Elegant, classic veined appearance, relatively soft, easily-polished, but somewhat susceptible to scratches.
  • Limestone – Formed of sedimentary material quite often including coral and shells, and occurs naturally in a variety of subtle colors.
  • Slate – Composed of slate, quartz, and shale, it comes in a wide variety of natural colors and it is highly water-resistant.
  • And More!

Because of the many stone flooring choices to choose from and the multitude of benefits of stone flooring, residents and business owners are opting to have beautiful stone floors installed in their homes and businesses all over the Provo area. Stone flooring has many benefits. They are durable, easy to clean, great for controlling the temperature in your home or business, add value to your property, unique, and much more. There really is no reason not to have Provo Flooring Contractors install a new stone floor in your home or business.

Stone Floor Installation

Provo Flooring Contractors offer the most desirable stone flooring installation service in the Provo area. Our very skillful flooring contractors have installed elegant stone floors in homes and businesses all across the Provo area. We specialize in stone flooring installation and repair work. If you are wanting to install stone flooring in your home or business, give us a call today to get your free quote on our installation service

Stone Floor Repair

Provo Flooring Contractors offers stone floor repair services if your stone floor is in need of repairs. Give us a call today to get a free quote on your stone floor repair service needs.

We offer free service quotes and would like to speak with you today about installing a new stone or linoleum floor for you. Or if you are in need of some repairs, we can send out one of our assessment technicians to assess the damage and give you a free estimate on the repair work. We provide you with a fully written, detailed price quote free of charge. Contact us today by calling us at (385) 375-3088 or filling out our form so that we can contact you and begin the process of transforming your floor into what you truly desire.